Michaela Rose

Michaela Rose, DN (Med)

Michaela Rose is a natural health consultant, health writer and founder of Pure Health Clinic, a virtual service that helps people take control of their own health. Pure Health provides vital resources, including lab tests, information, supplies and support from a team of health professionals.

Having suffered food intolerance for many years causing IBS, mouth sores, migraine, chronic fatigue, temporomandibular joint syndrome (TMJ), restless legs, adrenal and hormonal dysfunction, and chronic muscle pain, her journey as a practitioner has latterly been led by the need for answers to her own conditions. She now specialises in gluten related disorders (coeliac and non-coeliac gluten sensitivity, (NCGS), trauma-triggered illness, hypersensitivity disorders and unresolving chronic illness.

Michaela is a member of the Institute of Functional Medicine and the Guild of Health Writers, gained a distinction in Diploma of Nursing – DN (Med) – in Nutritional Medicine, and a Diploma in Massage Therapy and Manipulative Techniques.