The fifty foods challenge - Enid Taylor

50 Foods Challenge: Feed your microbiome and improve your gut health

By Enid Taylor ND BSc (Hons) Psych

The Taymount Clinic are pioneers in their field: specialists in the gut, and gut flora transplants. Naturopath Enid Taylor, has written a book to help our beleaguered microbiomes flourish. She says: ‘The focus is on our need for diverse gut flora which worldwide, we are losing thanks to repeated medication and narrower food choices. A healthy microbiome is crucial to a healthy immune system. To keep the gut healthy, we need to feed it. The 50 Foods Challenge offers a fun way to ensure that your microbiota get the variety of foods they need to keep them diverse and well-balanced.

The book includes background information on the trillions of good bacteria, viruses and fungi that live in our gut; diet plans and ways to help fussy eaters. It is not just meant for adults; kids love the challenge too which means the whole family can take part.’

“Eating a rich diversity of real foods is the key to a healthy gut. This challenge is a fun way to get you started!”
Professor Tim Spector, author of ‘The Diet Myth