Anaphylaxis – The Essential Guide

By Ruth Holroyd

An action plan for living with life-threatening allergies.

Ruth Holroyd is severely allergic to nuts, peanuts, milk, celery and soya and has had her (un)fair share of anaphylactic shocks. This is her ultimate self-help guide for people living with anaphylaxis, and the people caring for them.

The knowledge that you could die from a severe allergic reaction can severely limit your life. Anxiety is a natural emotion, it keeps you safe, but what happens when that fear takes over? And how do you live with the stress, fear and guilt the threat of anaphylaxis causes? People living with allergies, or caring for others who have them, constantly ask these questions and Ruth shares how she learned to accept these emotions and use them to her advantage.

In the Anaphylaxis – The Essential Guide, you will find practical tips, advice and guidance to help you survive and thrive with severe allergies. Everything those with anaphylaxis need to know to live safely with their allergies and still embrace everything that life has to offer.